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Another good read 18 May 2016 (Eynsham News Group) Your annual round-up from the Eynsham News team

A very warm welcome to new readers and contributors, advertisers and sponsors - and regular supporters too - as Eynsham News embarks on a fourth successful year. We can’t do it without you.

Our arrangements are simple, though very finely balanced. The package depends entirely on community goodwill. Everything you see was inspired, written, snapped or delivered by local residents. Our only costs, for layout and printing, are covered by local businesses. Thanks to this amazing partnership, Eynsham News is ‘free’. We even pass on small amounts to local charities / good causes from time to time - though recent rises in costs have presented quite a challenge to our budget and our treasurer.

Will you join us? We would like to build a team of content contributors - gardening, puzzles, reviews, sport, wildlife or whatever - to keep the publication fresh. We are proposing regular meetings, starting at The Newlands on Monday 13 June at 19:30. Do come along.


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Maps & WalksEynsham HeritageBiodiversity & Climate ChangeEynsham News