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Fledgelings Sing in a Pandemic 6 May 2021 (Fledgelings Sing) At long last, after fourteen months, Fledgelings Sing is back up and running, albeit with some changes to keep us all safe.

Fledgelings can sing again, which is fabulous news, but we’re going to have to do things a bit differently for a while.

Five families is the maximum we’re allowed just now, with one adult from each family allowed to sing.

Because of this I am setting up a booking system. There’s likely to be a waiting list, too, so if you find you aren’t able to come after all, please let me know; I may be able to fill that place from the waiting list.

Clearly, if you come into contact with Covid, or someone in your immediate family starts to show symptoms, you won’t be able to come that week, but I’ll keep you at the top of the waiting list for when you can.

I will need to have a suitable contact for you to use in case it is needed for track and trace purposes.

We’re going to have to do our best to observe social distancing (more on that later) but we won’t have to wear masks. That means we’ll have the windows open. If it’s a chilly day, dress warmly.

There will be hand sanitiser for you to use when you arrive and just before leaving, too.

So, back to social distancing. You’ll come in the usual way, through the front. I’ll give you an entry time when you book. Don’t worry too much about that, it’s just to avoid people all arriving together. I’ll have the signing in form on me and will tick you off, collect your £2 and run through the inevitable questions. Buggy parking will be on the left as usual, the mats will be set out in a good-sized circle on the right. If each family adopts a particular mat it should help us to keep our distance.

We’ll aim to start singing at 10.30 for half an hour or so. There’ll be a Prop Bag, I think, rather than the Prop Box, and I will bring the guitar. Requests for favourite songs are very welcome, as always.

At the end of the session, I’ll let you out one at a time through the back.


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