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Oxfordshire Garden Village 3 Jul 2020 (Eynsham Village) An outline planning application for 2,200 dwellings just across the A40 has been submitted

Grosvenor Developments lodged its plans for a garden village in West Oxfordshire with the District Council yesterday...

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DATELINE 15/06/202O: Grosvenor Developments are due to submit an outline planning application for the entire Garden Village site (2,200 dwellings plus commercial, education, etc.) to West Oxfordshire District Council on Monday 15 June. Details will be added as soon as they are available; background notes are provided above.

Oxfordshire County Council has a unique interest in this development, as both a landowner of Evenlode Farm - and of the A40 Park & Ride site - and as the Statutory Authority. Advance notice from the OCC estate team continued as follows…

‘From a landowner perspective, OCC have no reason to object (and as a minority landowner we are happy to support the application alongside the other landowners).’

County Councillor Charles Mathew has expressed dissatisfaction with the process and asked for…

‘the financial, the eco- / green-friendly and social principles which OCC have adopted in joining the syndicate / partnership for the Garden Village. It is important that people can … be sure that OCC is being transparent.

‘I believe that OCC as representative for the local people have a duty to consider the effect on the residents and people of Eynsham and offer compensation … not to embark on major road schemes on the A40, which are potentially ineffective and wasting public money, when a public service on the old railway line from Carterton via Witney and Eynsham to Oxford would tick many of the policies...

‘I believe that we are not following our duties as a Local Authority and we need to review the implications of this planning application before it is submitted. Money can never be the sole consideration in our position.’


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