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Submitting BP readings - EMG website 24 Jul 2019 (Eynsham Medical Centre) Problems reported on FB when submitting blood pressure readings on Eynsham Medical Group's website.

The following post was added to the FB Long Hanborough and Community Notice Board:

A warning to those who use the Eynsham Medical Group website.  be careful if you submit blood pressure readings. After you do it you are offered links to sites giving advice. When I tried the one that recommends home testing machines my security software trapped a virus. My screen also told me that the connection was reset and inviting me to try again, which foolishly I did. That took me to some sort of game/gambling website which I quickly closed.

The action EMG has taken:

We have checked the end of the HTN form. We put 2 links there: the NHS Hypertension page and BIHS approved home monitors page. The FB post mentions that the issue is with the BIHS approved monitors, so for now we have removed that link from the end of the form to be on the safe side. The links at the end are not necessary to the functioning of the form.

If you have any issues with our website we would encourage you to let us know as soon as possible so that we can take action immediately.

Eynsham HeritageEynsham NewsEynsham Image ArchiveLocal Covid Response