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21 Nov 2023 19:30 - 21:30 at Village Hall

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  1. To receive apologies for absence.


  1. To receive Declarations of Interest in agenda items.

To receive any disclosable declarations of interest from Members in relation to any items to be considered at the meeting in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct.


  1. Public Participation

To receive submissions from members of the public for a period of 15 minutes. Members of the public may make representations on any matters, for no more than 5 minutes each in accordance with Standing Orders para 3. The meeting will adjourn for this item.


  1. Wharf Stream Way
    1. To note agreement for the permissive section to change to a Public Right of Way and resolve to process an application with Oxfordshire County Council.
    2. To consider creation of a community space and agree actions.


  1. Parish Grass Cutting
    1. To consider an updated agreement under the Local Government Act 1972 sS101 for grass cutting arrangements and resolve whether to approve the revisions.
    2. To consider grass cutting specifications and agree actions.
    3. To resolve whether to bring grass cutting in-house and acquire equipment (with potential grant funding) or to seek quotes from contractors.
    4. Committee to agree terms of contract if seeking to use a contractor.


  1. Parish Council Bin Emptying

To receive a report from The Shield Group and consider amending the bin emptying schedule as required.


  1. Dog Attacks at Oxford Road Playing Field (South)

To receive an update concerning item 23/AE60 (12 September) and agree actions.


  1. To consider hedge planting proposal at Oxford Road Playing Field (North)
    1. Cllr Macken to provide outline proposals on behalf of the Eynsham Nature Recovery Network.
    2. Committee to resolve to delegate decision making for the proposal to the Clerk on receipt of full information, a Risk Assessment and updated insurance (if appropriate) if they are unavailable at the meeting.  [Note, permission may also need to be sought from third parties].


  1. Dovehouse ‘Come and Play’ Project Working Party

Committee to agree Councillors for appointment to working party and agree actions.


  1. Eynsham Women’s Institute commemoration tree

To consider Eynsham Women’s Institute’s request and agree actions.


  1. Benches at The Square

To consider whether to install a further bench at The Square and agree actions.




Meeting Venue

Village Hall

46 Back Lane, Eynsham, Oxfordshire OX29 4QW.  T: 0793 583 2702