< CalendarFull Council Meeting Eynsham Parish Council
21 Mar 2023 19:30 - 21:30 at Village Hall

Please click on this Teams link to join the meeting or use the link in the attached agenda  Full Council Agenda 2023-03-21


  1. To receive apologies for absence.
  2. To receive Declarations of Interest in agenda items.

To receive any disclosable declarations of interest from Members in relation to any items to be considered at the meeting in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct.

  1. Minutes
    1. To consider the recommendations of the Amenities & Estates Committee of 7 February 2023.
    2. To approve and sign as a true record the minutes of the Full Council meeting of 28 February 2023
    3. To approve and sign as a true record the minutes of the Planning Committee of 28 February 2023 and note the delegated decisions contained therein.
    4. To approve and sign as a true record the minutes of the Finance & General Purposes Committee of 14 March 2023 and note the delegated decisions contained therein.
    5. To consider the recommendations of the Extraordinary Amenities & Estates Committee of 21 March 2023 (verbal report).
  2. Public Participation

To receive submissions from members of the public for a period of 15 minutes.  Members of the public may make representations on any matters, for no more than 5 minutes each in accordance with Standing Orders para 3. The meeting will adjourn for this item. 

  1. To receive an update report from Eynsham’s West Oxfordshire District Councillors and Oxfordshire County Councillor.

To receive a short verbal update from Eynsham’s District and County Councillors. The meeting will adjourn for this item. 

  1. Eynsham Good Neighbour Network
    1. To welcome members of the organisation and receive a short presentation of their work.
    2. To note concerns raised regarding the need for community crisis support and consider how best the Council can help.
  2. West Eynsham Strategic Development Area & Salt Cross Garden Village Stewardship

Members recently received a presentation by Community First Oxfordshire on different management options for the forthcoming developments.  It is understood that existing residents do not support Management Companies and they do not promote community governance.   

  1. To consider supporting and exploring a stewardship arrangement with the most sustainable management structure of community assets. 
  2. To consider draft S106 Heads of Terms to propose to West Oxfordshire District Council.2023-03-21_7b_S106 Eynsham Heads of Terms CFO
  3. To consider costs for Heads of Terms legal support provided via Community First Oxfordshire.
  1. Finance
    1. To approve payment of accounts.2023-03-21_8a_Schedule of payments March 2023
    2. To approve bank reconciliation.
    3. To review the income and expenditure for the year to date.2023-03-21_8b_Detailed Income & Expenditure by Account Feb 23
    4. To approve the new Responsible Financial Officer as Administrator for Unity Trust Bank.
  1. Eynsham Village Hall
    1. To note the lease to the Village Hall Management Committee expires on 18 June 2023 with reversion of the property back to the Parish Council.
    2. To resolve not to renew the lease.
    3. To consider an Action Plan for the transition back to the Parish Council.
    4. To resolve financial management of the Village Hall.
  2. To review the Master Project List and Dashboard Report.

To review the Master Project List and Dashboard Report.  Officers to provide further information on projects/tasks if requested.

  1. To receive reports from Councillors representing the Council on outside bodies/meetings.

To receive short verbal updates from Councillors who were assigned as representatives on outside bodies/meetings at the previous Annual Parish Council Meeting.

  1. To note the dates of the next Parish Council meetings (all at 7.30pm in the Village Hall unless otherwise indicated):-
    1. Traffic Working Group meeting – 28 March 2023, 6.45pm
    2. Planning Committee meeting – 28 March 2023
    3. Amenities & Estates meeting – 11 April 2023
    4. Full Council meeting – 11 April (re-arranged from 18 April 2023)

Meeting Venue

Village Hall

46 Back Lane, Eynsham, Oxfordshire OX29 4QW.  T: 0793 583 2702