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Never a Dull Moment

Never a Dull Moment (17 Mar 2011)

David Miller reports. The stream is open again to small boats. Two poplars had blown down across the stream some 100 metres up from the footbridge. A major challenge to the team, whose average age is 69! We also planted a mix of hedging beside the road and down to the field gate; and did that layered bit near The Talbot road bridge... clever, eh? The Community Payback lads have painted the bridge railings on the north side. Footprints and crayfish leftovers found at the bridge show otters are visiting again.

FEEDBACK has been received from canoeists who enjoyed the kilometre paddle up to The Talbot, the functional jetty (which is due some maintenance) and refreshment beside the stream, which is gradually being opened up near the bridge:

‘I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed canoeing up and down it, in our 4.5m open canoe. We paddled from Tadpole Bridge to Bablock Hythe last Saturday, stayed at the Ferryman overnight, and from there to Wolvercote, detouring via the Wharf Stream, on Sunday. The landing stage is excellent - the Rose Revived could certainly learn from you! - and we enjoyed lunch (and Pimms!) at the Talbot before continuing downstream. Many thanks to all involved for such a great job in opening up this peaceful stretch - it was much appreciated.’

PLANS: We aim to build a ‘station’ at The Talbot similar to those on the Abbey Heritage Trail, using stone from the old bridge and including information on footpaths, topography and historic details that link the village with the Thames.

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