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Scything Workshop Eynsham's Nature Recovery Network!
15 Aug 2021 14:00 - 18:00 at Peace Oak Orchard

Calling all scythers: beginners and beyond!
Sunday 15th August, 2pm to 6pm

THIS IS NOW FULLY BOOKED. But please let us know if you're interested in learning to scythe and we may be able to organise another session.

New scythers: Learn to scythe and help with the restoration of Eynsham's new meadows.

Existing scythers: Bring your skills (and scythe if you have one) to mow our new meadows and help the beginners.

A scything workshop will be hosted by Peace Oak Orchard and led Catriona Bass and Kevan Martin from Long Mead. We will teach the basics of scything in the Peace Oak meadow and then we will hone our skills on the small Dovehouse Close, Fishponds and St Leonard's Churchyard meadows.

The hay will be left on the ground for the seed to drop out for a couple of days. Then we will gather it up and scarify and roll as we did last year.

We are hoping that you will become as addicted to the therapeutic art of scything as we are and we can form a great team to mow Eynsham's tiny meadows in the time-honoured tradition, far into the future.

Places are limited as we don't have unlimited scythes so please register on the NRN website. If you would like to learn to scythe for your own purposes, rather than to help manage Eynsham's meadows, please let us know and we might be able to organise a separate workshop.

To encourage you all to sign up to the NRN website and reduce the administration of multiple mailing lists, we are charging £5 for non-members. NRN Membership is £10 and entitles you to free or discounted events going forward. Our 'experts' are volunteering their time.


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Event Venue

Peace Oak Orchard

(access via Cobbetts Close off Newland Street)
Oxfordshire  OX29 4HQ

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