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Eynsham's First Nature Recovery Day! Eynsham's Local Nature Recovery Network!
16 Feb 2020 10:30 - 13:00 at Wholesome Earth Café

Since now is the season of tree planting we thought we’d launch our collective efforts with trees, as well as starting our first surveys and first steps towards propagating our own material for the future. 

It is too early in the year for some surveys but those interested in surveying birds, bats and veteran trees can gather to discuss patches to monitor. Please email ASAP if you'd like to organise or lead surveys and if you'd like to sign up.

We will be planting trees on some public plots. Feel free to propose places in advance that are not parish owned (this will take longer to arrange). Our free trees from Woodland Trust are only due next autumn but we've sourced a few to plant on a few public places. If, at the same time, anyone needs a helping hand to plant a tree in their own garden there should be people about to give advice. But equally important we can start to propagate our own from the hedgerows and woods. So, those of us who would prefer something gentler than digging holes can come down to Long Mead to gather seeds in the hedgerows (eg wild rose, buckthorn, hawthorn) cut willow and dig up some saplings. 

More offers of nursery beds to nurture them till we plant out would be great.

Please email if you are able to attend

Event Venue

Wholesome Earth Café

32 Mill Street
Oxfordshire  OX29 4JS

Eynsham HeritageEynsham NewsLocal Covid ResponseMaps & Walks