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Eynsham Parish Council

Planning and Consultation

The responsible authority for local planning is West Oxfordshire District Council: view Local Development Framework.

Individual applications affecting Eynsham and Barnard Gate are considered by the Parish Council Planning Committee: view dates and agenda. You can track current / recent applications via the WODC Search - select Eynsham from the drop-down list of parishes - or sign up for email alerts and be in the know.

The Parish Council is also involved in larger-scale proposals that may affect the village as a whole, such as affordable housing, flood management and gravel extraction - details follow. See also Eynsham Parish Plan.

PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE: view issues and options to 2026. 12 sites were suggested for development in the Eynsham area: view Parish Council response. A draft Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment for Eynsham was published in February 2009. WODC's Core Strategy so Far, published March 2009, covered housing, economy and climate change, with a brief section (3.11) on housing in Eynsham. The Preferred Approach (February 2010) identifies 3 of the original 12 sites in or around Eynsham for further investigation: read more. The Parish Council supported the central site with some reservations in March but objected to early proposals and published its own planning brief in January 2011. WODC's Local Plan - Housing issues consultation in summer 2014 is under review - view Parish Council response. Parish Council responses to WODC draft Community Infrastructure Levy and Local Plan 2011-2031 appear below.

multi-use games areaOPEN SPACES: view WODC audit July 2008; introduction to play areas; feature on Dovehouse “Come and Play”. Eynsham Primary School applied for planning permission to construct a new synthetic Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) in March 2010: view explanatory note and floodighting plans; comment from Parish Council on 19 March and 19 April. The application was granted subject to conditions on 21 July. A larger pitch was approved for Bartholomew School in 2012 - more >>

FLOODING: view slideshow 2007; draft Flood Report July 2008; maps. A small flood storage area was created along Station Road in 2009 - view report

AFFORDABLE HOUSING off Chilbridge Road: view background and summary in the Housing section of Eynsham Parish Plan; WODC introduction to Rural Exception sites; revised access suggestion (page 2). Read Cottsway Housing Association summary of consultations in June 2008; further proposals and feedback in July; new application in August; Parish Council comment in September. Development was approved subject to conditions in September 2009; Leadbitter were appointed builders in October; and the development was officially opened in March 2011.

view planning applications at a Parish Drop InEYNSHAM EAST (Bitterell): Following Taylor Wimpey consultation on 18 December 2007, Bryant Homes proposals went on view on 11 March 2008. View Parish Council minutes 1 April; response to developers; notes of meeting on 14 May; new application 27 August. The Council objected to this application - view Planning Committee comment on 29 September; Council minutes 7 October; further comment on 2 March 2009. WODC approved the development on 21 October, subject to conditions including a local infrastructure contribution.

local gravel deposits 2014 © Oxfordshire County CouncilGRAVEL EXTRACTION: Hansons submitted a revised application in October 2007 - view extract; discussion in Council on 4 December; letter to the County Council on 6 December; letter from David Cameron MP. In May 2010 the county allocation was increased from 1.8 million tonnes to 2.2 million tonnes per annum, though only 637,000 tonnes per annum is used within Oxfordshire: read more. The County Council objected at the time; the Regional Spatial Strategy was revoked on 6 July; and OCC is still reassessing local needs. The Parish Council objected to both process and content of the Draft Core Strategy in September 2015

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  • 8 June
    Land West of Eynsham
  • An appeal against WODC refusal of 77 dwellings at Eynsham Nursery & Plant Centre will be heard on 21 June

  • more >>

  • 25 May
    Border Skirmishes
  • Pye's appeal against refusal of the Fruitlands development was dismissed on 24 May

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  • 16 May
    Station Road
  • Gladman’s appeal against refusal of outline planning consent was dismissed today

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  • 25 November
    Eynsham Futures
  • Like it or not, 250-plus new homes will be built here over the next 15 years. We need to explore the possible sites.

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