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Eynsham Parish Council

Welcome to Eynsham Online


What's On This Month7/2/2016

Have you booked your place for Eynsham Scouting reunion?

Border Skirmishes1/2/2016

A hearing on the Fruitlands development is to be held on 13 April.

Wharf Stream Way14/1/2016

Eynsham Parish Council is seeking to commission the next phase of this project ...

Be in at the Start14/1/2016

Eynsham Online is going ‛mobile-friendlyʼ soon. Your feedback could really help!

Land West of Eynsham16/12/2015

WODC has deferred a vote on the controversial plan for housing off Thornbury Road

Eynsham Futures25/11/2015

Like it or not, 250-plus new homes will be built here over the next 15 years. We need to explore the possible sites.

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