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Eynsham Parish Council

Welcome to Eynsham Online


Winter Preparations11/12/2014

For the first time, the Parish Council has taken delivery of a large bag of road-grit. There is just one problem, says Cllr Richard Andrews ...

Eynsham Events Diary9/12/2014

Regular users of Eynsham Online will have noticed a missing link ...

Beyond Belief3/12/2014

A £15k climbing frame at Old Witney Road has been vandalised in a matter of days.

Budget Bites19/11/2014

Expect some changes as the Parish Council sets a budget for the coming year.

Grave Decisions5/11/2014

The Parish Council has been invited to discuss the future of St Leonard’s churchyard with members of the PCC. Deadline for your comments is 31 December.

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