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Eynsham Parish Council

Welcome to Eynsham Online


Village Show 201418/8/2014

The countdown is under way and no time to lose: get your hands on the Class List!

Planning Committee10/8/2014

Last Tuesday’s meeting considered proposals for 21 dwellings on land to west of Fruitlands. The Parish Council response appears in full below.

Eynsham Needs You!6/8/2014

Please consider getting involved as a Councillor for Eynsham - you could really make a difference, says Chairman Gordon Beach.

Policing Update - August30/7/2014

This month’s report by PC Martyn McHale covers worm charming (what else?) and llama racing (with photos), tool thefts and our very own volunteer of the year.

Grass Cutting26/7/2014

Luxury or a necessity? asks Cllr Richard Andrews - please let him have your views.

HOW Many New Houses?25/7/2014

The Parish Council has published a guide to creating a Neighbourhood Plan and you are invited to get involved.

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