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Pottery: The Chicken Run Studio

To find me: The Pottery studio is in the Chicken Run in the back garden of the New House Tanners Lane, off Queens St. There is parking just outside in front of the garage.

About Me: I was inspired to wheel thrown pottery when I first went to Palmerston North Teachers college in New Zealand. The Pottery Department was led by the renowned New Zealand potter Stan Jenkins.

That was nearly 40 years ago! However, in anticipation of my retirement and since then I now have a studio in the back garden in The Chicken Run. The girls are an inspiration and take a keen interest in everything that is going on eagerly wandering into the studio and reluctantly leaving as they are shooed out.

At last I can once again explore the medium of clay and try out ideas that have come to me over the years.

I work predominantly with stoneware clay as it is strong and will take the heat of the oven and the changes in temperature outside.& I have been able to hone my wheel throwing skills and produce functional ware that is both beautiful and textural with the clever use of glazes.

But my real interest is in following my imagination with hand built work.  Chickens of course have been an inspiration as are other animals who take on a personality of their own as they develop and pose in the clay medium. I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring hand built bowls made of coils, dots and textures producing work that is functional and aesthetic. As these take some time to produce each develops uniquely.  The glass and glaze is the final touch that brings the work to life.

I am now producing Raku pieces which is exciting and magical as each firing is remarkably one of a kind. Raku is so instantaneous and is pure chemistry in action as the glaze firing can be seen in front of your eyes.

I have produced commissioned work, individualised and personalised and am open to challenges.

If you are inspired by what you see and would be keen to visit or purchase any of my work please get in touch.



I am pleased to be able to take individuals or pairs for lessons in the studio. I can comfortably take 2 adults together or up to 3 children.

You may be interested in a one off 3 hour session where I would offer an experience predominantly in handbuilt work.  It is likely that you will complete 3 pieces of work that will then need to be fired to bisque, glazed and then fired again.  Cost of session = £30 with equipment, clay, firing included.

Should you be interested in ongoing lessons I run bespoke sessions. For some, this will be throwing on the wheel or handbuilt or a combination. I will take you through the entire process of wheel throwing, turning and glazing. As the sessions are one on one or on two the dedicated session helps to correct and improve your technique as well as to learn tips and hints along the way. I am pleased to work with complete novices through to those with more experience.

You will work with stoneware clay and if interested I can take you through the Raku process as well.

Cost of each session = £12.50 an hour (Usually you need 2 hours.) Clay, glaze and equipment is included.

Find Us

The Chicken Run Studio

The New House
Tanners Lane
Oxfordshire  OX29 4HJ

Hours: By phone appointment; or just call and if we are in we will be open

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