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Key Documents

This is the current Neighbourhood Plan and its supporting documents. Formal consultation closed on January 31st 2017 and the Plan and all its supporting documents have been updated as a result of the feedback we received from residents and outside bodies.

The Parish Council approved the draft Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan at its meeting on March 7th. It now goes to West Oxfordshire District Council for completion of the formal consultation, examination and local referrendum.

  • Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan (updated 10/03/2017) - contains the policies which we are proposing to govern development within the Parish of Eynsham.
  • ENP Site Options Assessments - presents our assessment of number of possible sites which are being considered for development and how they rate against the criteria set out in the SA below.
  • ENP Consultation Statement - summarises all the events and activities which EFSG have undertaken since the Neighbourhood Plan process started at the end of 2014 to find out what residents want to see as Eynsham develops. The results of all the consultations and questionnaires are recorded, including the most significant which follows -.
  • Pre-submission Consultation Feedback Report - records comments from residents and outside bodies with our responses.
  • Sustainability Assessment (SA) Scoping Report - a village database from sources such as census data and consultations which sets the context for the plan and sets the criteria against which particular development options will be judged.
  • Local Green Space Designations - provides the rationale for all the sites considered and then chosen for official recognition as Local Green Spaces
Eynsham NewsEynsham FuturesEynsham HeritageEynsham Venue Hire