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Green TEA focuses on how we shop, what we buy and what we can grow. 40% of the household carbon emissions in the UK come from food – higher than those of either energy or transport. Agriculture is hugely dependent on water, and a large amount of what we regard as ordinary every day food is flown halfway round the from the world. Green TEA promotes local and seasonal food and reducing waste.

If we all stopped wasting food which we could have eaten, the benefit to the planet would be the equivalent of taking one in five cars off the road. Wasting food costs the average family £700 per year.

In Eynsham we are supporting local growers, growing food and fruit in public spaces for anyone to share, and demonstrating just how delicious local and seasonal food can be.

Meanwhile you can ...

  • Replace some of your meat meals with delicious vegetables and healthy pulses
  • Buy from the wonderful local shops in the village, and avoid supermarket trips
  • Choose Thursday mornings for the Country Market in St Leonards church hall, the wet fish van outside the library and the Fair Trade stall in the Baptist church hall
  • Use the Market garden in Mill Street garden to buy local, seasonal and organic food as an alternative to imported veg and fruit
  • Buy less of food that does not keep and avoid tempting BOGOF's
  • Recycle all your food waste to make electricity
  • Start a veg plot or Get an allotment
  • Help yourself to the apples from the trees we have grafted, planted and pruned and to the herbs in the square.


Eynsham Venue HireEynsham FuturesEynsham HeritageEynsham News