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Sports and Remedial Massage

Everyone suffers from muscular aches and pains at some point in their lives whether they are caused by sport, exercise or lifestyle. Normally all we really want is for those aches and pains to go away so we can relax and get on with life, and this is where sport and remedial massage can help.

Remedial massage can relieve pain that arises from repetitive daily activities or from periods of prolonged inactivity. So if you spend all day at the office, staring at a computer or driving you may suffer from back pain, stiff neck, shoulder and posture-related problems and headaches. It can also be very effective for conditions such as whiplash, sciatica, muscle-related joint problems and chronic aches.

If you’re active and sporty you want to stay free from niggles and injuries that may prevent you from performing to the best of your ability.

Sports massage is a valuable addition to everyone who trains, not just the elite.   It can be used to enhance your performance, aiding recovery not only from injury but from exertion too ensuring that your muscles are in peak condition.

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