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Antenatal Classes

Courses of six week evening antenatal classes for couples, suitable to attend from approximately twenty-six weeks of pregnancy onwards. Held in the Music Room, Eynsham.

Preparing for your labour and birth is vitally important to help you feel ready for the big day. These six week antenatal courses are designed to give you loads of up-to-date, evidence based information, with which you can make decisions that feel right for you. There is no one “right” way to have a baby, and everybody’s labour and birth story will be different, so knowing what your options are can help you to feel confident and empowered during an event where you may feel you do not have much control.

The classes also give you an opportunity to meet other expectant parents due around the same time as you, and to get to know them over a period of several weeks, in order to form friendships and create a support network that will be vital during the first few months of your baby’s life, and will hopefully last for years. So that the sessions retain a personal and friendly feel, courses are limited to a maximum of eight couples each.

We cover:

  • ways to help yourself have as straightforward and short a labour and birth as possible, including comfort measures for labour, breathing techniques, relaxation skills, massage strokes and active birth positions
  • considerations around place of birth, and the importance of the birth environment
  • what happens throughout labour and birth - wherever you plan to have your baby
  • when and why assistance might be needed, including induced labours and Caesarean births
  • what are your options if you need some extra help managing the pain
  • postnatal recovery
  • what to expect in the first few weeks with a new baby - understanding their crying, impact of lack of sleep, changes to relationships and lifestyles, day to day reality
  • feeding choices

Each six week course consists of seven sessions, as one week is made up of a class just for the women in the afternoon, and a class just for the men in the evening - held in a local pub of the men's choosing! 

Each woman also receives a CD of Visualisations for Labour, to help her learn and practice skills to help at the birth, such as breathing and relaxations. 

There is also a class to attend with your baby once it is here, to discuss and make sense of the amazing but sometimes chaotic new life you find yourself in!

Find Us

The Music Room

36 Newland Street
Oxfordshire  OX29 4LA

T: 0797 152 9242

Early Pregnancy Classes

If you are less than 6 months pregnant, come along to one of our Early Pregnancy classes at St Leonard's Church Hall, to ask questions, learn about what to expect between now and your baby's Birth Day, and get to meet others with the same hopes and uncertainties.

This is a stand alone pregnancy class, suitable to attend anytime up to 26 weeks pregnant. The class is free to attend, but must be booked onto as places are limited.

In the two hour session, we will cover topics such as:

  • baby development in the womb
  • nutrition in pregnancy
  • changes to mum's body
  • choices around where to have your baby
  • your feelings around the birth
  • communicating with your growing baby

For full details on either course, or to book a place, please go to our website.

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