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Shirley's Spinney damaged 24 Oct 2018 Damage to spinney will be rectified

Regular visitors to the Fishponds will undoubtedly have noticed that Shirley’s Spinney, at the playing field entrance to the site, has been decimated by about half. This was due to contractors inadvertently strimming more than they should have done while clearing the nettles in the adjacent area. They have apologised and agreed to replace the saplings, which we hope will be planted very soon. Once that has been done, we will make sure that the area is clearly delineated so that this cannot happen again. I personally am extremely sorry about the damage, and I am sure Shirley’s family are too. I hope this reassures them, and the team of valiant volunteers who created the spinney back in the winter of 2017, that it will be reinstated and hopefully will establish itself without further mishap.