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Eynsham Churches Holiday Club 30 Jul 2017 "I have never seen my child so enthusiastic about anything before - except Father Christmas!"

50 children join 30 teenagers and adults for the Eynsham Churches Holiday Club

A hapless inventor whose inventions either do not work or have no useful purpose, by name Professor "Farley Eustace" was a daily visitor to the Eynsham Churches Holiday Club held from July 24-29 in the Village Hall and Scout HQ. Fifty children took part during the week in “Maker Fun Factory” with a team of over thirty teenagers, sixth formers, university students, teachers and seniors drawn from St Leonard’s, St Peter’s and Eynsham Baptist Church.

On arrival children had to go through a ‘car-wash’ complete with bubbles. Mornings started with an ‘assembly’ with songs in which various inventions were tried out with varying degrees of success: who will forget the Bible-verse Pingmatic 5000, made of a plastic bottle and two bungees, which was upgraded to the Trebuchet version and finally the air-powered (leaf-blower) Pingmatic 10000?

Each day had a bible memory verse, illustrated in twenty minute sessions at various stations: games, an imagination station with crafts, homemade snacks, a video and a dramatic retelling of bible stories such as the Spies in Jericho, and Gideon and the 300. Children and their leaders were divided into crews of 5 or 6 who travelled between each station hopping or flying or even, where appropriate, crawling.

Points were awarded to the crews for effort, noise, memory, saying ‘thank you’, original handshakes and winning races. The prize at the street party (with ice cream) on Friday was to throw wet sponges at two chosen leaders, one of whom turned out to be the hapless Farley Eustace.

We have had some wonderful responses from parents.: “X and Y have had a brilliant time this week.”  “A and B had a wonderful time!  See you next year.”

“D spent all Saturday morning singing his heart out at home with the songs”

Another mum said that her kids loved the songs so much, they had googled them and found them on You-tube so they could listen to them at home!

A Mum and a Granny were singing the praises of holiday club and amazed at how much their children had remembered in the way of Bible verses etc. The Mum said that she had never seen her child so enthusiastic about anything before - except Father Christmas!!

The final event was a Holiday Club All Age Service on Sunday at St Leonard’s with puppets, balloons, the Pingmatic 5000 again and a rocket which worked first time but not again.

A big thank you also to all who supported the Plant and Cake Sale and Coffee Bar in May which provided some of the funds and to the Parish Council for their generous support to this community venture. 

If you would like to check what the children were getting up to a ‘trailer video’ can be seen here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fjMyDcJcgk  We translated the material from its American origins to be suitable for the UK.

For children who would like to take part next year our dates are planned to be the first full week of the school holidays:  Monday July 30 to Friday August 3rd.

You can contact us on eynshamhc@gmail.com.