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Wharf Stream Update 17 Nov 2012 high water levels be blowed, there's work to be done. David, Richard and Wilf have been at it again.

The Wharf Stream Team - David, Richard and Wilf - have been at it again. David says:

“The high water level has restricted our activities but at least the rain has washed through the silt and dead water plants.

“As you may remember, we removed litter and two large poplar trees that fell across the stream some 100 metres upstream of the footbridge earlier in the year - more >>

“We are currently felling the last three willows on the land opposite The Talbot (one down - two to go). The hedgerow there is becoming established but we need to prevent erosion of the roadside bank with a pile of hardcore. Eventually it will be covered with soil to promote regeneration of plant life and thickening of the hedge.

“The Environment Agency did the same thing further downstream in 2009, to improve the habitat for coarse fish and trout, but they had heavy equipment ...

“Our aim to provide a bridge-wide pool is progressing too and the island will eventually disappear.

“Plans for an information station are currently on ‘hold’...no funds for the artwork!”