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Sporting Promise 4 Jun 2013 Planning permission was announced today for an all-weather sports pitch (MUGA) on Bartholomew School playing field

Planning permission was announced today for an all-weather sports pitch (MUGA) on Bartholomew School playing field, for use by the school and the wider community too. The proposal is backed by both Eynsham Parish Council and West Oxfordshire District Council, as they see it as a major project that will increase and improve the sporting facilities available in Eynsham village.

The MUGA will be situated on the school site, close to the Tower Block. It will be positioned to the east of the Alternative Learning Provision Service Centre and run to the north of this building towards the School boundary.


  • Over the last few years, a sum of money has been set aside from Section 106 developer contributions, which are monies raised from contractors who carry out building works around the village via a levy placed on them to aid and support the infrastructure of the local area. One such, specific fund had been set up to be used for the provision of sport and recreational activity in the village of Eynsham.
  • EPC invited all sports and recreational clubs in the village to bid for this money. The School made a bid for funds to assist in the proposed building of a 35mx42m MUGA and associated facilities, to accommodate core sports such as football, hockey, tennis and netball. It would also accommodate and benefit other sports groups. The bid was successful and contributory funding for this area was awarded. This decision then went out to WODC, who agreed that the terms of the 106 funding allocation would be met and confirmed that the school should be allocated the funds at the end of March.

The school wants to open the MUGA for use outside of school hours, so that maximum use is gained by the local community. This will be controlled by a joint use agreement between the School, EPC, WODC and Oxfordshire County Council as landowners. A similar agreement is in place already that governs the working of the very successful Sports Centre. The MUGA will also ease bookings in the Sports Centre, so community participation in sports that need the indoor courts could increase.