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Eynsham in Transition 15 Jan 2014 (GreenTEA) Stephen Yeo, GreenTEA Chairman 2009-2013, reviews the group’s first five years.

Transition Eynsham began with a meeting arranged by Ros Kent on 15 January 2009. The transition we have worked to predict, prepare for and even celebrate, is towards a time when we have to look after ourselves - and the ‘nature’ we take for granted - more, as well as wasting less, than we do now.

By sharing films, books and newspapers we have learned that, if ever more numerous and hungry humans use all the oil, gas, coal, etc. as we use them now, large parts of the world will become uninhabitable to us and to friendly animals and plants.

So we have tried to help people with measuring energy consumption, insulating homes, wasting less and paying less for heat and light, finding eco-friendly energy suppliers, and generating energy in natural ways, for instance from the sun.

If you have taken part in swap shops; noticed the solar panels on the Village Hall; seen Eynsham apple trees growing in new places; dropped in on an autumn fruit festival; picked herbs from tubs in the village square; seen shared allotments in private gardens; gathered information from energy-assessment or thermal-imaging days or from the GreenTEA website; joined a campaign for cycle-paths, better buses, a car club, 20 mph speed signs; noticed ‘the environment’ on the school curriculum … if you have wished any of these things well, please join in!

National politicians and global corporations seem to think it’s not our business to look after the world we live in. We write to them regularly asserting our presence. Full of community spirit as Eynsham is, GreenTEA thinks that it’s up to all of us, for our children and grand-children’s sake, to delay and at the same time to prepare for climate change. Here’s to the next five years and to the fifty after that.

If you’d like to receive the monthly GreenTEA news or ‘brew’ that Ros mails out, or if you would like to take part in what we do, or have ideas about things we might do - or stop doing - please contact Ros.


Eynsham NewsEynsham Venue HireEynsham FuturesEynsham Heritage