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New Parking Wardens19/01/2010

Rob Brown and Kathryn JamesOn 25 January Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) will be introduced in West Oxfordshire.

CPE means that local authorities are responsible for regulating on-street and off-street parking controls, taking over the responsibility from the police for most but not all offences on the highway. These powers were introduced by the Traffic Management Act 2004. The key differences are:

  • On-street and off-street parking controls are regulated by one organisation
  • The majority of parking offences, including parking on yellow lines and in parking bays, are no longer criminal and will now be classed as civil contraventions
  • Offences that attract endorsements on your driving licence such as parking on zig-zags of pedestrian crossings will remain criminal and will be enforced by the Police and the Council
  • Income from penalty charge notices will be used to improve local transport and parking services.

In West Oxfordshire the service will be provided by West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) who will be acting as agents of the Highway Authority, Oxfordshire County Council.

All car parks in West Oxfordshire will remain free and there are currently no plans to introduce any on-street pay and display or residents parking areas (Controlled Parking Zones).

WODC has employed Community Wardens as part of the Neighbourhood Services Team and they will be responsible for providing the new service. Community Wardens will carry out regular patrols throughout the District; patrolling on foot in a distinctive uniform and will also use highly visible vehicles.

The Neighbourhood Services Team will also be able to deal with other environmental issues such as fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles and will also be working closely with the Thames Valley Police Neighbourhood Police Teams across West Oxfordshire.

The benefits of introducing the new service will be:

  • A coordinated and locally accountable parking service
  • A uniformed Council presence will be available to deal with environmental issues
  • Partnership working with local stakeholders to tackle neighbourhood priorities
  • Town Centres will be kept clear of illegally and inconsiderately parked vehicles which will create a safer environment for all
  • In other areas the service has increased the commercial viability of town centres.

Source: WODC 2010-01-19


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